China supports The Gambia in the fight against the Coronavirus

On 10 March 2020, The Chinese Embassy in The Gambia yesterday handed over medical equipment and two vehicles to the Ministry of Health in  The Gambia, to support in the fight against Corona virus.

The ceremony was held at the National of Pharmaceutical Services premise in Kotu.

H.E. Ma Jianchun, the Chinese Ambassador and Hon. Dr. Ahmadou Lamin Samateh, Minister of Health, jointly signed the hand-over certificate. Hon. NAM Ousman Sillah, the Chair of the Select Committee on Health, Mr. Sana M. Sambou, the manager of EDC Programme and Mr. Liang Songnian, the leader of China Medical Team, were present at the ceremony.

Ambassador Ma appreciated the Gambian government for its efforts in preventing coronavirus from entering The Gambia. As a sincere friend and partner of The Gambia, China decided to provide a batch of medicines, medical equipment and vehicles which totally valued 10 million Dalasis to assist The Gambia in improving the public health capacity, and in bringing more support to the Gambian people at this critical moment. China will continue to join hands with The Gambia, closely communicate and share outbreak prevention experience, help in relevant coordination work, and together contribute to the public health cause of the globe.

Hon. Dr. Samateh commended China for its valuable assistance and support. He commended the efficiency of controlling the coronavirus in China and of conducting active cooperation with the international society since the very beginning of the outbreak. He said, the donation would help improving the medical service of The Gambia and cure more patients. The Gambia will continue to cooperate closely with China in the field of public health and so on.

Source: Chinese Embassy 

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