Guinea opposition supporters set Embassy on fire, Ambassador injured, hospitalized

By Pierre Njie

Thousands of Guinean nationals, who are supporters of the opposition, Friday afternoon attacked their Consulate General building in The Gambia, located at the Senegambia Junction in Kololi and set it ablaze. The Guinean Ambassador was injured during the attack and was rushed to the hospital.

The angry Guinean nationals were protesting President Alpha Conde’s Third Term bid for presidential election. The mob was seen throwing stones, vandalizing doors and the gate of the Consulate before setting the building on fire.

The protesters were heard chantting in French as saying “Il n’y aura pas d’élection ” meaning there will be no election.

Some of the officials working at the Consulate fled for their lives while the ECOMIG forces were deployed to control the situation before got out of hand.



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