Coronavirus: Stranger In Town


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POEM on COVID-19 outbreak

Coronavirus: Stranger In Town

There is a dark cloud in the neighbourhood
Sweeping young and old, terrific and deadly
Health workers, everyone is vulnerable
Abiding the advice, stay clean and isolated

Symptoms to observed, fever, cough, running nose
looking so gentle, defines no one
You can’t see it, but leave a metre apart
A quarantine mask, dogging the deadly claws

Breadwinners & travellers, give lot of space
Going viral, people no longer safe
Government announced, public places avoided
Schools closed, for all to feel isolated

    Health workers now tasked
To test those with signs
Finally I am careful, freedom of care
Sensitising my people, families in fear.


                                                                                    Written by Abdoulie Saho,

                                                                                      A contributor


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