Breaking News: Gambian police officers involved in D1.8 million cocaine bribery scandal

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By Assan Sallah.

At least six (6) people (names withheld) including five police officers are being investigated by authorities in a D1.8 million bribery involving an alleged cocaine dealer. The complainant, Mr. Sosseh is requesting for his money 21 million CFA, equivalent of D1.8 million which he allegedly bribed the five police officers and their informant. The complainant had also claimed that the suspects gave him fake cocaine unlike the real cocaine that was seized from him during his arrest opposite the Indian Garden at Sukuta Bahamas area.

The police officers (suspects) include a station officer, his assistant and three CID officers in the Kombo North District.

Police PRO, Supt. Njie

Earlier arrest of the complainant.

Following a tip-off by the informant, Mr. Sosseh was arrested by the police (suspects), without informing the agents of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency Gambia (DLEAG). The same informant later came to negotiate between the police and the alleged cocaine dealer.

“Mr. Sosseh decided to bribe the suspects with D1.8 million to be released and take back his cocaine that was seized from him during his arrest. They released him and claimed he had escaped. But Mr. Sosseh claimed that the suspects gave him fake cocaine and he decided to claim his money back. He went to the police headquarters and lodge a complaint against the suspects. They were then called for questioning,” authorities told The Digest News.

The suspects were arrested and later granted bail as investigations continue.

When contacted to shed light on this case, the Police spokesperson Superintendent Lamin Njie said: “We can confirm a case of fake drug scam in which money was obtained from a certain individual. Police in Wellingara Station had intervened in the situation and arrested the people involved.”

According to him, along the line, the police realized that certain officers involved in the operation has fallen short of professional standards.

“For this reason, the case has been transferred to the Serious Crime Department for thorough investigations.

The officers and all other suspects are subject of the investigation and appropriate actions will be taken against all individuals found wanting including the officers.

The officers involved were arrested, and later granted bail. They are reporting on bail as investigations continue,” he said.

Note: Assan Sallah is a Gambian journalist living in Germany. He was news editor and security affairs reporter at the Daily Observer.


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