The Devil

By Omar NK Ceesay

When the devil preaches you
You must believe him
He will corrupt your mind and win your trust
He will make you lost
He will remote your life .

The devil create division among believers
That’s why good friends becomes haters
Because some foolishly followed the devil
Who they thought is an intellect in his field
When he is a hawker, trekking on brains and trust
And romantically roaming around the waist of his feminine believers.

Quoting verses and chapters from Holy books
Can never make the devil the bookworm
Nor to make him Soft like an earthworm.
The devil never worship God

He thought he is God
Everyone believed him like God
If a devil manipulated your mind
You will think he is God.

Indeed devil is a liar.
Only a devil will preached good
And he would do what he didn’t preach.

Do you know who is the devil?,
The devil is the womanizer
The devil is the scammer
The devil is the hacker
That hack the brain and trust.
The devil is a liar .

The devil will pretend to safe you from the frying pan
But you would end up seeing yourself in his plan .
He will pretend to safe you from fire
But you would end up seeing yourself in hell fire .

But the only prison for the devil Is hell fire .
May Thunder fire the devil .
May Allah protect and guide us from the devil……..

✍ Omar_NK_Ceesay

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