Gambia: When MPs put their selfish interests first!

by Basidia M. Drammeh.
I am utterly disillusioned, disappointed and disheartened by Gambia’s National Assembly where the lawmakers have allocated themselves loans amounting to 54 million dalasis to develop their properties while the average Gambian continues to strive and toil to make ends meet.
It’s clear that politics in our country is a venture to enrich oneself at the expense of the hugely impoverished nation where the bulk majority lives under the poverty line.
My respect for Hon. Halifa Sallah is immeasurable. He diligently tabled a motion to reject the proposal reminding his colleagues about the need to put the country first, but his plea fell on deaf ears and the motion was eventually rejected. The instituition that should serve as a watchdog to keep the Executive in check is itself drowned in corruption!
People, like myself, have previously pinned high hopes on the current National Assembly, as the country transitioned from autocracy to democracy but those dreams have been crushed by our greedy, selfish so-called lawmakers. The current Parliament might even be worse than those that existed under Jammeh and were slammed for being rubber-stamp parliaments.
When are we going to have compassionate politicians in our country, who put the country first?
Honestly, Gambia needs a new breed of selfless, honest and trustworthy politicians to move the country forward, otherwise, we are doomed!

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