by Ahmad Mai Fatty.
Mr. Modou Ngum reportedly told the TRRC that they had informed some opposition leaders, at a meeting regarding their planned protest that resulted to the death of Mr. Solo Sandeng with other atrocities.
Mr. Ngum must have had his facts partly wrong. At the time I was already living in exile and not in The Gambia, and had no contacts with anyone within the UDP in The Gambia except Hon. Ousainu Darboe himself. GMC was also not present at such a meeting as alleged, and we were not notified as a Party. I believe Mr. Ngum made an innocent mistake for which he would acknowledge.
Hon Ousainu Darboe, the UDP Leader with whom I had a long telephone briefing while I was in exile, on the morning of their protest, would himself corroborate this fact. I am sure he agrees with me on this.
There were many Gambians including journalists who were with me at the time living in exile, some of whom attended the international press conference I sponsored and held at Dakar Radisson Hotel on the death of late Sandeng, including the political volatility of the moment. It is important that the records be put into correct historical context. It is rather unfortunate that there are those ill-conceived minds who are bent on expanding misinformation out of Mr. Ngum’s mistaken testimony, and making cheap politics out this tragedy for partisan reasons. I condemn the shamelss politicization of such a national tragedy.
Source: Culled from Mai Ahmad Fatty’s Facebook page.

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