Melville’s take on Seedia-Darboe debacle

Melville Robertson Roberts

I have never said this publicly before but I love Hon.Sedia Jatta and I do have a whole lot of respect for him and this will forever remain so.

However, I cannot denote anything wrong in the leader of the largest political party in the country asking for a particular portfolio that he feels he can manage most? It is neither morally, ethically or legally wrong so to do. Infact that is the right and most commendable approach to take; to seek employment within a job description that matches your skill-set and expertise.

Every single member of the ‘Coalition 2016’ had a direct impact (in one way or another)on it’s disintegration and should take absolute responsibility for such action. Playing a political ping- pong of a “blame game ” is neither profitable nor sustainable. It amounts to mere political rhetorics and adds no value to our futuristic political advancement nor is it pivotal to our national discourse.

The sole appointing authority has been and still is President Adama Barrow and in whose purview the hiring and firing of cabinet officials remains.

Yes the young must be told the truth but let the young be told the undiluted truth that does not shift responsibility from one party to another.

The International Law principle of ‘collective responsibility’ must be adapted within The Gambia’s political discourse in other to make a formidable headway in our future political undertakings.

The reflection of any society is in the leaders they appoint. Ours is not a leadership issue alone, but rather an existential crisis of the lacking thereof of honesty, integrity and a forward thinking agenda premised on love of country before self.

There are a vast array of formidable substantive issues raised by Hon. Sedia in his one to one interview, yet an entire nation decides to narrow it down to a Sedia- Darboe debacle. This my brother’s and sister’s is what is wrong with our society.

Melville Robertson Roberts

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