SENEGAL: Musician Aby Ndour convicted of defamation, ordered to pay FCFA 10M compensation

Written by The Digest News:

Atepa and Aby Ndour

A Senegalese court has today, 6th May, 2021 convicted Aby Ndour, a Senegalese artist for defamation of character. Ms. Ndour was dragged to court by the popular Architect Pierre Atepa Goudiaby.

According to Senegalese newspaper Le Soleil, the court condemned Aby Ndour to a 3-month suspended sentence and ordered her to pay a fine of 100,000 FCfa. The court also awarded 10 million FCFA in damages to Atepa and ordered the publication of the decision in newspapers.

Aby Ndour was found guilty of defamation following the publication of a video on Facebook accusing Atepa of sexual harassment. Ms. Ndour is the sister of the Senegalese-born King of Mbalax Youssou Ndour.

The court also declares the action against the D-media group journalists, Ahmeth Aidara and Simon Faye following the withdrawal of Goudiaby.

Source: F. SY



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