Coronavirus Pandemic Is No ‘Chinese Frankenstein Conspiracy Theory’

by Alagi Yorro Jallow.
Mamudu: The biggest threat to our collective humanity today is not the suspected threat of nuclear terrorism and nuclear weapons threats but a corrosive, debilitating, ferocious pathogen known as the new Coronavirus. Nevertheless, while relationships with the world’s power axis will always have implications for global peace, security and stability, the biggest and the most urgent threat by far is the outbreak of a new strain of the Coronavirus, China which has within a short space of two months shown the vulnerability of man, the conflict between man and biology, and the limitations of science in the face of an immediate, accidental, unforeseeable, pathogenic onslaught.
Mamudu: I really do not believe conspiracy theories and think the Coronavirus pandemic is real, but I do remember reading this weird Chinese Frankenscience developing. I do not see any conspiracy theories regarding this coronavirus pandemic threatening our collective humanity and our collective consciousness and a manifestation of our psyches, but as an emergency under the International Health Regulations that ascertains a public health emergency of international concern that will severely impact the global economy and influence the modern business market.
Mamudu: Humans are more aware because technology has enabled us to round the clock information and communication. Easy and affordable global travel has increased human contact, and we are more connected economically due to globalization. This is not the first time a pathogen will jump from lesser animals to human beings. Mamudu: This ugly pathogen coronavirus wants to live like we all want to. It is survival. They mutate to evolve, and we evolve too. However, everyone should be alarmed about what this coronavirus pandemic will do to the world economy and businesses. This lethal coronavirus pandemic is not only China’s problem. It is a global problem that heightens fears over the global impact and is a greater menace as a risk to global growth. The United States GDP will be remarkably impacted. It is the reason Donald Trump is in denial. For example, the Beijing +25, Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) may be canceled any moment from now. For this month’s United Nations conference, 7,000 women have registered to participate. Flight tickets have been bought, and hotels booked. Airlines, hotels, and the city of New York will feel the impact of lost revenue. This conference is one of two global meetings in March. Both are at risk.
Mamudu: Toy manufacturers in America are behind in production every day. Millions of toys need to be produced daily to meet demand. High-end designers of things we wear produce most of their products in China and Italy. Both are impacted. As it is, stores will be in trouble for end of year sales in the United States. Walmart, Target, and other stores will be hard hit. In many African countries, the stock of Chinese products on shelves are disappearing. Prices are going up as demand stays the same without commensurate supply. Oil prices are going south in response.
Mamudu: The world has changed. Nations may seek power in bio-weapons and nuclear weapons for deterrence. Any deployment is mutually assured destruction. God will not destroy the earth. The earth will self-destruct when our Sun dies, or we can quicken it by being stupid. For now, stay hygienic.

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