President Barrow Receives TRRC Report, Promises Justice to Victims

President Adama Barrow today received the report of the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) promising justice for the victims while calling on Gambians to be “patient and allow the legal process to take its course.”
The President assured the commissioners under the leadership of Dr Lamin Sise that his government will carefully study the report and take appropriate action within six months. He commended the many witnesses who testified during the hearings for their courage to help the Gambian people know the truth.
Highlighting that the conclusion of the work of the TRRC marks an important milestone in his administration’s transitional justice program, the President said it forms part of other reform initiatives. He added that he is proud to have set up the TRRC to help unearth the truth of over two decades of human rights violations and other abuses during the Jammeh administration.
“Through the TRRC, Gambians now know what happened on Gambian soil in the past. Although we have decided as a country to unearth the truth, our desire is to create a path for healing and reconciliation, to co-exist peacefully as Gambians.” President Barrow noted.
Source: State House

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