SENEGAL: Senior Mouride leader Chérif Abdourahmane Fall Tilala dies in a car accident

Chérif Abdourahmane Fall Tilala, a senior Mouride leader and marabout in Senegal has died on Wednesday in a car accident. Khombole is located on Senegalese national route No. 3, connecting the city of Thies and Bambey.

According to Senegalese news medium, I-Media, the accident, which occurred on Wednesday, March 04, 2020 on the road to Khombole, claimed at least two lives on the spot, one of whom is the renowned Mouride Marabout, Chérif Tilala.

The deceased Chérif Abdourahmane Fall Tilala is the religious guide of the national community of the Moors of Senegal. According to information obtained by, the car involved in the accident had tyre problems and seems to have somersaulted several times. “The renowned marabout’s death has been confirmed by his son Serigne Saliou Fall, when contacted by I-media” the Senegalese news medium reported.

The late marabout was also a religious guide for one of Senegal’s leading musician in recent times, Wally Ballago Seck, son of Thione Ballago Seck.



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