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“Commission of Inquiry recommendations cannot legally render a binding decision which may be executed or enforced as if it were a judgment or order of a Court”

Problems of Precedent Affection Court of Appeals Opinions. by Alagi Yorro Jallow. Fatoumatta: A court’s power or ability to decide a matter depends on its jurisdiction. If a court has no jurisdiction, it cannot decide a matter and bind others with its decision. The jurisdiction of a court is granted […]


Contracts Of 3 Nigerian Judges Not Renewed

By Bekai Njie The three Nigerian judges, Martins U. Okoi, Edward E. Ogar and Simeon A. Abi could not have their contracts renewed after their expiration on March 20, 2018, according to judicial sources. The three judges, Martins U. Okoi of Kanifing High Court, Justice Simeon A. Abi of Banjul […]