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Team Europe: EU disburses €25 million to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus crisis in The Gambia

PRESS RELEASE 19th October 2020: On  Monday, the European Union disbursed €25 million of budget support for The Gambia’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. As part of the Team Europe global package, these funds contribute to the recovery from the pandemic and also support the transition towards democracy and medium-term […]

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Team Europe’s response to COVID-19: How Enabel agency is adapting its ‘Tekki Fii’ intervention in rural areas

The European Union’s Rural Infrastructure and Employment Creation (RIEC) project implemented by Enabel (Belgian Cooperation Agency) is expanding its scope in response to COVID-19. The project has temporarily shifted its focus from agricultural infrastructure that promotes products for the tourism and export markets, to short-term infrastructure projects that promote in-country […]