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Presidential Term Limits Spark Hot Debate In Africa. President Barrow Do not Break Two- Term Limit Pledge.

by Alagi Yorro Jallow. Mamudu: The two-term limit provision is an essential feature in the Constitution of the most decadent and depraved democracy when a nation-state becomes morally and intellectually corrupt. The United States of America’s Constitution Section 1 of the 22nd amendment to the US Constitution provides that: No […]

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On the Fractures and Tensions of a Nation: The End is Nigh

By Dr. Assan Jallow. National unity is a priceless asset that must be protected and preserved by all through the culture of engaged scholarship, effective communications, collaboration, diversity, and collective responsibility where differences are acknowledged and recognized. Its importance cannot be overstated, nor can it be equated or monetized in […]

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On the Statement of Hamat N. Bah: The Paralysis of Stigma, Injustice, Discrimination, and Marginalization Against the Fulas.

By Dr. Assan Jallow Disclaimer: I am not defending Honorable Bah on his statement. However, there is truth to his statement and that the science of facts demands that men and women of conscience reason and start a debate on this critical issue to understand the historical genesis behind the […]